Spring cleaning, gas powered pressure washer is a great tool for cleaning concrete driveway

If you are like me, spring has been a long time coming this year. With all the snow storms, freezing rain, cold weather and the mess left behind by ole man winter. I have plenty of hard surface cleaning tasks to look forward to, the driveway, sidewalks, patio and exterior of the house just to name a few. As you continue reading this article I think you will see just how, a gas powered pressure washer is a great tool and makes spring cleaning up fun, economical and unbelievably easy.

How a pressure washer works

* A pressure washer consists of a gasoline powered engine that drives a high pressure water pump.

* Your garden hose supplies clean, fresh water from the water source to the pump on the inlet side.

* A specially designed hose, handle and trigger assembly with a nozzle on the end of it gives you the control of the high pressure water and cleaning power.

Caution, the water that is coming out of the nozzle is at high pressure, it will harm soft materials. When soft materials such as your hand or finger come in contact with the stream of pressurized water less than 12 inches away from the end of the nozzle will hurt  you.

Setting up the power washer, is as easy as 1, 2, and 3.

1. Hook up your garden hose to a water supply that is capable of supplying an adequate amount of water. Make sure the hoses are clean and free of kinks and any damage to the fittings; replace any worn or missing gaskets and strainers.

2. Hook up the high pressure hose assembly, hose to handle and wand with the nozzle and turn the water on.

3. Squeeze the trigger on the handle and allow the water to run to get the air out of the hoses and pump. Then start the engine washer and start your cleaning project.

3 easy steps to pressure wash the driveway.

1. Set – up and start the engine, take care and ensure that the water hose is clean on the inside before hooking it up and turning the water on. Any dirt inside the hoses will clog the pump and nozzle.

2. Start cleaning by working from the house or
Garage door towards the end of the driveway. Work the high pressure water like you would a broom, moving from side to side while holding the nozzle 12 inches from the surface. Using the water to move all the dirt in the direction it wants to flow is by far the most efficient and effective cleaning method.

3. For stubborn spots, try holding the nozzle closer to the offending area, degreasers are helpful when cleaning oil spots but will not remove stains.

Get yourself a gas powered pressure washer, have fun, be safe and clean all your outdoor hard surface areas and conserve water in the process. Ah yes a little known fact a garden hose with the water running at full force uses five to seven gallons of water a minted, while a power washer only uses two to three gallons a minted.

Spring cleaning, pressure washing around the house

Imagine for a moment, your Spring-cleaning around the house is unbelievably easy. Simply pressure washing the exterior of your home has the house, deck, patio, sidewalks and driveway looking like brand new. Better yet, you are now the prod owner of the best looking home in the sub-division, which is what your friends, neighbors and more importantly, your father-in-law is telling you anyway. What would that make you feel? As you read on, find out what you must know to achieve your success.

Why pressure washing?

Save Time - anyone who has used a stiff bristled brush and bucket of water to scrub all the black and green stuff off their deck knows all to well how much time it takes and what a giant pain in the back it is.

Get it Clean - a pressure washer works by focusing water into a high-pressure stream, that stream of water works to blast away dirt and debris to get stuff clean.

Save Money - time is money, how many times have you heard that? Consider for a moment, a garden hose turned on will use as much as seven gallons of water a minute. Contrast that to a power washer that uses two or three (gpm) at most, and cleans stubborn dirt, mold, stains, and tree sap off your house and lawn furniture much more efficiently with less effort on your part.

Spring cleaning uses a pressure washer

Your house - and maintaining it if you are like me is high on your list of priorities. Before we can paint the trim around the windows and doors, we need to get the area around them clean. Use a twenty-five degree nozzle in the cleaning wand when cleaning these areas is safe and effective "REMEMBER", Do not hold the high-pressure water spray to close to the glass or weather stripping and seals in the windows and doors.

Washing a house is easy, use a telescoping 6-24 foot extension wand attachment to clean overhead, dormers, second story windows and gutters.

Before Painting, using a fifteen degree nozzle in the cleaning wand on your wood fence, siding and brick will remove the dirt and loose paint. Reducing the need for a scraper and wire brush, while at the sane time ensure the best possible adhesion of the paint, stain and sealers I think you will agree is a very good thing.

Cleaning a Driveway, concrete and exposed aggregate use a fifteen-degree nozzle by holding it a constant twelve inches away from the surface. Overlapping about one third of the width of the pattern each pass will eliminate uneven cleaning. For large patios, walkways and driveways there is an attachment that makes the job fast, easy and reduces getting everything around the area wet called a water-wiz or something similar. The thing looks like a walk behind lawnmower, cleans 17-19 inch wide swath at a time.

Wash the Car using a pressure washer will cut your water usage in half, get the job finished quickly and leave your car looking like it just rolled off the showroom floor. Simply wet it down and rinse the road dirt off in one pass. Sponge it off with a soapy water solution and a soft sponge. Give your car one final rinse and wipe it dry with your favorite soft cloth and wa-la you are finished and your car looks great.

Pressure Washing around the House is a great way to kick-off your spring-cleaning this year. Protecting your investment and maintaining that well-kept look is important to you.

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